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NOV. 12-13, 2024

On the threshold of
technological exploration








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Rarely in the history of technology do we have the opportunity to be in the instant where everything changes.

Meta World Congress is more than a congress, it is exploration. For two days we will delve into technological changes with a selected group of professionals and experts who will guide us through the solutions of the present and prepare us for the answers of the future.

Because to understand the present is to be prepared for any of the probable futures that are yet to come.

Key themes we will develop

The Madrid Ship

Madrid City Council's urban innovation space. Located at C. Cifuentes, 5 in Madrid. The space enjoys excellent connectivity for both public and private transport, thus ensuring easy and convenient access for all attendees.

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Key themes we will explore

Discover how Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised technology and how it is redefining our world.

Artificial Intelligence

We will explore the backbone of a new digital paradigm that guarantees universal integrity and transparency.

Blockchain & Web3

Immerse yourself in the new virtual environments that are redefining our experience in the digital and real world.

Digital Realities

Unprecedented computational power, work your way to solving the great enigmas of science and technology.


Find out how technology is driving positive and lasting change for generations to come.

Tech Impact

Disseminating the present to understand the future

"Brutal success of the first Meta World Congress. Top sponsors, spectacular startups and top speakers. Thank you for inviting me to be part of your dream come true".

Marc Vidal

Promoter and Consultant in technological innovation

The success of Meta World Congress has elevated Madrid's reputation as a leading city for technological innovation, making it the meeting point for the technology of the future.

Angel Child

Councilor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Madrid

Explore the universe that is transforming the interaction between the digital and physical worlds.

Spatial computing

Discover how technologies are strengthening our digital defences and reshaping online security.