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Boost your Startup at the Meta World Congress Showcase

Meta World Congress opens the doors to Startup's Showcase, the ultimate gathering where the most innovative startups in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain/Web3, Digital Realities and technology in general have a unique platform to shine.

If your project is redefining the boundaries of what's possible, it's your time to capture the world's attention. 

In addition, all registered startups will receive 2 general admission tickets to the conference, and those selected for pitching will receive 10 tickets.


Present your startup in front of a select audience of investors, technology leaders and entrepreneurs, it's the stage to stand out.


Establish relationships with pioneers and experts in the sector, expanding your network and opening doors to collaboration and investment opportunities. 


Position your startup as a benchmark for innovation and gain international recognition.



Your way to the top

A unique opportunity for participants to showcase their genius and aspirations. Get ready to be part of a meeting that not only highlights projects, but also inspires to dream big and reach new heights.


Registration phase

Secure your participation by submitting your proposal before 29 March. We are looking for presentations that not only explain, but also inspire, showing the transformative potential of your project.


Pitching Stage

The 32 selected startups (8 per category) will have the opportunity to shine during the Pitching Time on 10-11 April, where they will have 5 minutes to present their projects, followed by a 3-minute Q&A session with the four Showcase judges.


Winners announcement

The closing ceremony at the Tech Arena will reveal the winners, who will receive recognition and a boost to their careers.

Prizes for winners

Data from the previous event

Prizes for winners

Each winner will receive €15,000 in investment, providing a boost for the development and growth of their startup.

Financial incentive

The Business Group behind Meta World Congress will provide support to the winning startups to catapult their projects to new heights.


A Big Four provides €15,000 corresponding to 150 hours of Cybersecurity services to be divided equally among the four winners.

Premium service

Special mention in the Meta World Congress 2024 press release and interview in specialised media.

Media visibility

A prominent presence at the 2025 edition. Including the possibility of having a privileged space to exhibit their solutions, as well as the possibility of participating in panels and key sessions.

Presence in 2025

More prizes will be unveiled soon to complement this already great offer for the winners of the Showcase.

Coming soon

Register for the Meta World Congress Startup's Showcase now!

Meta World Congress is more than an event; it's a platform for the most promising startups to demonstrate their value and lead the way into the technological future. Get ready to impress, connect and scale.

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